• Mobile Order Booking
    Order booker is connected to branch office in real time
    Bill saves automatically at branch office
    OB all activities are automatically updated in branch office
    OB is updated in real-time for data received
    Bills are readily available for printing by KPO.

Sales & Distribution Software

Sales & Distribution Management System is a comprehensive software solution to cater the needs of Sales & Distribution Management of FMCG & Pharmaceutical com panies and their Sales Distributors with key software features.

About Cloud Tenants Pvt Ltd

Cloud Tenants (Pvt) Ltd. (A group company of FOURGEN Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. www.fourgensys.com) was established in 2017 and is progressively growing its range of Android & Web Based Customized Software Solutions. Cloud Tenants leverages its' intelligent and highly skilled resources to provide Software solutions to organize and optimize the business operations of the public and private sector ranging from Solutions for FMCG industry to Restaurants, Retail and other businesses. Cloud Tenants’ core objective is to bring the best possible automation within the aforementioned sectors to enhance their productivity, increase their profitability & growth and above all the technical advancement in Pakistan to compete the rest of the world in the software industry.